On June 6, we have completed ChronoBase seed funding round, raising a total of ~$400,000 from VC partners based on Cyprus. We were very pleased to see many users demonstrating their interest in our project and ChronoBase app, from both Uniswap token holders community and our own community.

By completing the private funding round, we are striving to reach new heights in the development of our project and working to bring even more value to our holders. We schedule the public funding round for July 28, 2021, which will place 15,000,000 TIK tokens for sale. The sale will take place on our platform at https://chronobase.eu. Applications for whitelisting will be accepted from June 21, 2021.

The world’s first decentralized luxury watch database keeps developing. The project has implemented information recording in the Ethereum blockchain and we want to tell you how it works.

As long as ChronoBase is a project utilizing a blockchain technology — a decentralized database — as its basis, it is essential…

The demand for Swiss-made watches has demonstrated the highest growth rate in Asia and Europe, which makes sense in the post-crisis times when the European demand has been improving after it collapsed. Technavio’s analysts forecast the global luxury watch market to grow at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of…

I think every family has some things, which are passed on from generation to generation. I received my first watch from my grandfather on my university graduation. Since then I have been interested in watches and started collecting them.

Who We Are?

I am here today to tell you about…

What is NFT?

These are non-fungible tokens that are presented in the form of digital objects such as music, texts, game items, domains, videos, films, TV series, 3D models, arts, illustrations, paintings, stock images, cards, sports video moments and luxury goods.

A non-fungible thing that is unique due to its…

Tens of millions of fake Swiss watches are offered for sale every year, while the Swiss watch industry produces around 30 million original watches. Switzerland’s FH estimates that fakes watches make up 11% of customs seizures. There is nothing novel — the practice is virtually as old as the existence…

ChronoBase Public Relations

Global decentralised luxury watch database with provenance, cost and ownership verification.

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