On June 6, we have completed ChronoBase seed funding round, raising a total of ~$400,000 from VC partners based on Cyprus. We were very pleased to see many users demonstrating their interest in our project and ChronoBase app, from both Uniswap token holders community and our own community.

By completing the private funding round, we are striving to reach new heights in the development of our project and working to bring even more value to our holders. We schedule the public funding round for July 28, 2021, which will place 15,000,000 TIK tokens for sale. The sale will take place on our platform at https://chronobase.eu. Applications for whitelisting will be accepted from June 21, 2021.

Below you will find answers to the questions we get asked the most about ChronoBase!

Q: What does blockchain mean? I am new in crypto.

A: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blockchain

Q: When will be a public sale?

A: In the second half of June.

Q: How many tokens will be available in a public round?

A: 15 million TIK.

Q: What is the price for 1 TIK in a public sale?

A: 1 TIK = 0.01 USD.

Q: What is the total token supply?

A: 1 billion TIK.

Q: What is the price for 1 TIK in a seed round?

A: 1 TIK…

The world’s first decentralized luxury watch database keeps developing. The project has implemented information recording in the Ethereum blockchain and we want to tell you how it works.

As long as ChronoBase is a project utilizing a blockchain technology — a decentralized database — as its basis, it is essential to understand, how exactly does this technology enable to store and save all information about your watch.

ChronoBase is built on Ethereum, an open-source, public, blockchain-based distributed computing platform, and operating system. …

Don’t have a ChronoBase account yet? Want to register your luxury watches to be protected with blockchain technology? Here is a quick step-by-step guide specially for our readers!

Step 1: Visit our website: https://chronobase.eu/

After it, click the “Sign In” button.

The demand for Swiss-made watches has demonstrated the highest growth rate in Asia and Europe, which makes sense in the post-crisis times when the European demand has been improving after it collapsed. Technavio’s analysts forecast the global luxury watch market to grow at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 3.47% during the period 2020–2023.

According to the Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry FH, Switzerland produces around 30 million timepieces per year, which accounts for 2.5% of the global watch output (in terms of units). …

I think every family has some things, which are passed on from generation to generation. I received my first watch from my grandfather on my university graduation. Since then I have been interested in watches and started collecting them.

Who We Are?

I am here today to tell you about our breathtaking project.

Luxury watches are not just an accessory today; they are also an investment.

The price of high-end timepieces is constantly growing. The cost of limited series models can increase several times in just a decade. …

In today’s article we want to show an AMA session of our CMO with tehMoonwalkeR.

Without further ado.


MoonwalkeR — Lets start off with an intro. Please tell us more about your background and your role at Chronobase?

ChronoBase CMO — I’m CMO at ChroneBase. My role mainly consists of making things happen on many fronts including Marketing, and general “health” of the company. I’m ensuring that our future partners are well educated on the product and fundamentals of ChronoBase.

MoonwalkeR — Very nice, thanks for the little insight into what you do. …

What is NFT?

These are non-fungible tokens that are presented in the form of digital objects such as music, texts, game items, domains, videos, films, TV series, 3D models, arts, illustrations, paintings, stock images, cards, sports video moments and luxury goods.

A non-fungible thing that is unique due to its characteristics and cannot be formally replaced with exactly the same one. To put it very simply, it is a specific token that is represented digitally by any of the objects and fixed at the level of smart contracts with unique characteristics that differ from others.

NFT technology allows you to…

The blockchain is a modern buzzword. Distributed ledgers, the word of art underlying blockchain technology, offer an incredible new way to transact business without a fixed authority. Unfortunately, according to HubSpot’s research, the blockchain is also one of the most confusing emerging technologies for a wide audience out there. To explain how it works and give you more ChronoBase service insights, we will describe blockchain basic principles.

What is the blockchain?

The blockchain is known as distributed ledger technology. …

Tens of millions of fake Swiss watches are offered for sale every year, while the Swiss watch industry produces around 30 million original watches. Switzerland’s FH estimates that fakes watches make up 11% of customs seizures. There is nothing novel — the practice is virtually as old as the existence of watches themselves. The competence of counterfeiters is progressing rapidly these days. The new generation of counterfeits is superior in quality, has a very similar appearance to the original, and even an imitation of mechanisms and parts from the inside. …

ChronoBase Public Relations

Global decentralised luxury watch database with provenance, cost and ownership verification.

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