ChronoBase AMA session with tehMoonwalkeR (12.05.2021)

In today’s article we want to show an AMA session of our CMO with tehMoonwalkeR.

Without further ado.


ChronoBase CMO — I’m CMO at ChroneBase. My role mainly consists of making things happen on many fronts including Marketing, and general “health” of the company. I’m ensuring that our future partners are well educated on the product and fundamentals of ChronoBase.

MoonwalkeR — Very nice, thanks for the little insight into what you do. So for those who don’t know, what is Chronobase and what does it do?

ChronoBase CMO — The basic premise behind ChronoBase is creating a robust, trusted platform that certificates luxury watches, corroborating its value with the help of Blockchain technology.

MoonwalkeR — Well I would say you have a booming list of new clients emerging. Seems lots of crypto crew are buying luxury watches these days.

ChronoBase CMO — The current problem is that the luxury watches market are fraught with counterfeits and even the renowned Swiss watches are being counterfeited in crazy turnover that even exceed the authentic ones.

MoonwalkeR — I am guilty of buying a fake watch or two before.

The main idea.

MoonwalkeR — So the idea sounds great and we need it very much I would say for this particular niche. Who do you work with that will enable this to be the standard for luxury watchmakers to use your platform?

ChronoBase CMO — We are planning to work directly with watch manufacturers and we already have a couple of partnerships at the ready. Our mission is to create one unified platform where both watch wearers and manufacturers can and will have a secure and safe environment to buy only real watches that are certified by Manufacturers.

MoonwalkeR — Makes a lot of sense. As soon as a watch is produced it can be digitally certified.

ChronoBase CMO — We want to eliminate third parties from the equation and provide buyers with an excellent platform that both lowers the cost and secures the authenticity.

MoonwalkeR — I see on your website that you have 100k timepieces on ChronoBase already.

ChronoBase CMO — Indeed. Certification process is done via NFT certification since every watch is being custom built with every tiny cog being meticulously designed. This calls for the top level of certification.

This number will only go up 😎.

Current progress and plans for the future.

ChronoBase CMO — Right now we are at the private sales stage. We already have a platform that attracts Venture Capital investors as well as those interested in the use case utility. It’s in the testing stage right now. The tokens are not being for the sole idea. Platform is already there and just needs refining and polishing to come to the final stage of readiness.

MoonwalkeR — Leads me onto my next question, the token.

Why hold TIK, what makes it valuable and what can I do with it?

ChronoBase CMO — The cost will vary depending on what Manufacturer is planning to do on the platform.

MoonwalkeR — I suppose the more timepieces a manufacturer registers the cheaper.

ChronoBase CMO — TIK is the native token of ChronoBase ecosystem. It allows for transaction and certificate creation within the system. TIK token is a vital component that maintains and facilitates interaction within the platform.

The main use cases are:

Making of secure and decentralized payments via ETH network which makes it safe and untraceable. Token is also used by manufacturers as a payment to access big data analytics, payment for the commission upon watch sale, and obtaining different perks within the ecosystem.

MoonwalkeR — Top notch, some well thought out utility.

ChronoBase CMO — We want to establish an exclusive to the platform currency that provides and complements the safety aspect and concept of the project as a whole.

MoonwalkeR — Well it sounds like you have built something that is needed in the timepiece world. With any great product, users are needed. What is the plan to tackle this issue that plagues so many?

ChronoBase CMO — It may sound hackneyed in the current market conditions but we put a great amount of effort in increasing, maintaining, and rewarding our community accordingly.

Community is at the heart of our project because only with robust, reciprocative, and feedback-ready people can the project grow organically.

MoonwalkeR — I agree, especially in crypto. A community can make or break you. Many overlook it to their own demise.

ChronoBase CMO — We are planning to grow our marketing exposure in two ways. First and foremost it’s attracting influencers in the watch industry. I don’t know how many of you are acquainted with “watch influencers’’ but believe me there are tons of interesting people to have a chat with.

MoonwalkeR — With all business, it’s about making that chedda baby, how does Chronobase derive revenue to sustain itself? Funnily enough I watch a lot of car shows and watches slip in there quite often.Also producer Michael is one of the biggest watch influencers atm.

ChronoBase CMO — The revenue stream comes mostly from commissions on the watch sale, premium perks, advertising, listing of certain watches in our database, and encryption.

MoonwalkeR — While we continue, let’s invite the community in to see if they have any questions.

Questions from the community.

ChronoBase CMO — First of all we want to get our platform up and running. That’s the current crux and goal of ours.

Getting people on board and exploring different avenues of marketing via influencers and watch aficionados.

2nd question — ✅ At this moment, which one the most Necessary for your project:

1. Investors

2. Community

3. Market/Exchange

and why?

ChronoBase CMO — The biggest thing we currently are on look out for is getting partners on board.

Since by partnering with big watchmakers can we get the word out there and increase our influence in the watch industry as a whole. And as I mentioned in the beginning you can expect a lot of things to come our way very SOON.

3rd question — What do you think about luxury media in the world? What is your exact community ?

ChronoBase CMO — Our target audience is well-off crypto people who got their money stacks from Doge. Just kidding

We are striving to make even luxury watches more accessible to the public by lowering the price. We are able to do that by omitting intermediaries and giving assurance to manufacturers that their authentic watch will be sold securely.

4th question — What are the killer features of Your Project ? ? What is the vision and goals Your project wants to achieve in 2021 ?👈

ChronoBase CMO — The killer feature of ours is the NFT certification of luxury products which eliminates counterfeit. Not only are we on the wave trend of NFTs but we are also coming up with a brand new and unique approach of utilization of NFTs in the meaningful way and not as a money laundering scheme. No offense to real NFT Digital art creators though 😎.

5th question — thanks for the AMA, but when Binance?😁

ChronoBase CMO — SOON.

MoonwalkeR — Well it looks like you answered all the relevant ones my man.

ChronoBase CMO — Thanks for the warm welcome and you my dude have my seal of approval for being a cool pal yourself.

MoonwalkeR — Thanks my bruvva, appreciate it. Was an absolute pleasure hosting you today.

So, that’s the AMA session that we had with tehMoonwalkeR on 12th of May.

Hope you’ve enjoyed it.

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