Luxury Watch Market Problems

  • ChronoBase protects you as the owner of a watch: it records your ownership and confirms the authenticity of your watch. If you are buying — ChronoBase helps to avoid stolen or fake items, or find a better deal!
  • You can check any watch online by its reference and serial numbers. If the watch is found in ChronoBase — it was registered by the owner and checked by an authorized service center. If there is no record, that is a good reason to visit a service center to verify authenticity.
  • Records in a secure ChronoBase database will prove that your watch is lawfully owned. If you are offered a stolen watch, the application will warn you and you may contact the owner.
  • The ownership is recorded in the blockchain. This means that with ChronoBase you do not need to carry paper documents. You will always have access to the latest status of your collection.
  • ChronoBase protects sellers from unfair competition and makes the whole luxury watch market more transparent.
  • The whole provenance is retained in the blockchain. The buyer can easily verify whether a watch is new or second-hand, based on the recorded date of the first sale.
  • If a person owns a private key in ChronoBase, a pawnshop can be confident that a watch belongs to that person.
  • Possibility to track sales of dealers to third-party marketers, knowing the actual sales location/country for each item.
  • Instant verification for insurance purposes, resale, or pledge, including service history and the date of the first sale, respecting the privacy of the owner.



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ChronoBase Public Relations

ChronoBase Public Relations

Global decentralised luxury watch database with provenance, cost and ownership verification.